our pricing policy guarantees

that you won’t find better!

Promises promises promises...

Have you noticed these days how, everyone everywhere provides ‘the best price’, ‘the best deal’ and ‘the best service’ available?

Amazing isn’t it?!!  Yet, if you shop around, you tend to find the reality to be considerably different.

So, we are going to tell you ‘in a nutshell’ how our pricing policy works, then you can decide for yourself whether you want to shop around, or simply have us take care of your hotel reservation requirements and enjoy complete peace of mind - It’s your choice!
Our policy on prices

All prices you see on this web site are direct prices - they are the prices the hotels themselves charge.  We never mark-up any price and there are no hidden charges whatsoever for you to worry about.....ever!

From time to time, hotels offer rooms at special rates - these special rates apply equally if you use our system to reserve your accommodation.  In addition, there are occasions when the prices available from are even lower than an hotel’s direct price or alternatively, we can often include additional extras for you, free of charge.

The plain fact is, you are always assured of the best available deal when you confirm a reservation with us - and that really is a promise!

We understand of course, that you will want to be sure of your precise costs before you commit to confirming a reservation.  This is why we always quote prices which are clear - so you know exactly what you will have to pay, before you commit to proceeding with your booking!